PAGEANT MATERIAL (Post-Production)

Directed by: Jonothon Mitchell
Written by: Jonothon Mitchell & Madison Hatfield
Produced by: Nina Marinov
Starring: Hart Morse, Marianne Johnson, Jason MacDonald, and Evah Destruction.

Still recovering from the death of his mother, seventeen-year-old Rodney dreams of escaping his small southern hometown in pursuit of following in his mother’s footsteps as an award-winning pageant queen. Despite an onslaught of bullying and abuse from his step-father, step-brothers, and classmates, Rodney calls upon his best friend Monique and a unique cast of southern characters to help him take the crown in an upcoming teen drag pageant in Atlanta, GA.

This coming-of-age southern dramedy is about following your dreams, overcoming adversity, and forging down your own road no matter how treacherous the path. Imagine if John Waters gave us a movie with a little bit of To Wong Foo, a touch of Steel Magnolias, and the heart of Little Miss Sunshine all bundled as a loose adaptation of Cinderella. That’s “Pageant Material.”



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