Do you have an incredible idea, but are overwhelmed by the work behind getting it off the ground? You aren't alone.

The pre-production process is one of the most daunting processes you'll face when creating your own content. That's why Jonothon Mitchell and Problem Attic offer a one-of-a-kind consultation service which helps you develop your idea into a full-fledged pitch that you can turn into the film, pilot, or webseries you always dreamed it would be. 

In your one-on-one session Jonothon will help you fill in any holes you may seem to face in pre-production. He will assist in the development of all areas necessary to ensure your project comes to fruition. This includes, but is not limited to: development of pitch decks/one sheets, marketing, branding, creating your social media presence, and perfecting your crowdfunding campaign.

Since 2016 Jono has worked hard at producing seven short films, eight episodes of a webseries, a feature film, and assisting in the creation of over 500 hours of original live content for Adult Swim Digital. This content would not exist without a proven method of success which he is ready to share with you.

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09.09.18 - Create Your Own Content (Free Preview)
Drama Inc | 650 Hamilton Ave SE I, Atlanta, GA 30312

09.30.18 - Create Your Own Content (Workshop) - $95
Drama Inc | 650 Hamilton Ave SE I, Atlanta, GA 30312

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“Create Your Own Content put things into perspective and helped me to organize a game plan. Extremely valuable information.”

- Carolann Utley

"There aren’t many places where producers and content creators can go to learn tricks of the trade  - outside of working on set. This workshop is one of those places. Jono’s knowledge and experience is very inspirational . The way he presents his production tips, ideas, and pitch examples helped me apply them to my projects immediately. There is always so much to learn from others. Taking this workshop has given me the confidence to take on bigger projects and challenges."

- Matthew Colón